Bolero is an immersive dive into all things Việt Nam: music, food and architecture. Named after the most popular dance back in 1950s Sài Gòn. As a French Colony, Vietnamese servants would hear Bolero at lavish salon parties hosted by the French officials and decided to learn it and reinvent it into Viet Bolero ushering a golden era of music til 1975. By incorporating Viet ghi-tar styles, our sadness and spirit, we made it into our own. Just like when the French introduced us to beef, and we made Pho, and to bread and we made the Banh Mi. ​ Bolero celebrates this spirit of inventiveness to see what Vietnamese can do in a Post-Colonial era with access to modern techniques and seasonal produce of the Northeastern Corridor as well as the rare herbs from Chef Matt's farm.


Matt Le-Khac

After his formative tenure as the Head Chef at Ăn Chơi pushing the bone-broth movement and correct herb usage in NYC, Matt spent time absorbing what part of the Michelin world he can distill to the Vietnamese experience at The Finch and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. While cooking, serving and farming, he spent several years also using his academic background to research the origins and lost traditions of his Vietnamese heritage. ​ It’s a beautiful thing for Matt and his team to present these ideas and techniques in the open kitchen at Bolero as well as on his 4-acre family farm growing the unique herbs that form the culinary identity of the Việt Nam.

Jimmy Tran

Born in Houston, the second largest Vietnamese population in America, Jimmy spent his formative years training in French techniques in contrast to his Vietnamese upbringing. His path lead him to train in the a almost a dozen of the finest kitchens in America. After pending time, starting an Immersive Experiential installation company, he is now eager to apply the ​ techniques he’s honed to the Vietnamese story.


Tuesday - Sunday // 11:30 am - 2:30 pm / 6:00 pm - 10 pm


177 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg (N. 7th & N. 8th)